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Moving Timeline

Learn what specific steps you need to take to make your move easier.

A Moving Timeline to Best Plan Your Move

Eight Weeks Before You Move

•  Purchase a journal or use a coiled binder, and keep notes on your move. Include "to do" lists, reminders, phone conversations and what you've already accomplished.

•  Obtain a floor plan of your new residence and decide what household goods you want to keep.

•  Take an inventory of all household goods.

•  Call Direct Moving and Storage @ 888.712.0990

•  Contact your insurance agent and ask if your homeowners or rental policy can apply to moving your household goods.

•  Establish a file for all moving papers and receipts.

•  Arrange to transfer or obtain your child's school records.

•  If you need to use storage facilities – Call Direct Moving and Storage @ 888.712.0990

•  Make a running list of people you need to notify of your change of address. Keep it handy (on the refrigerator) so you can add to it as the days tick by. 

•  Change your address with the United States Post Office.

•  Purchase a lockable box and/or file box to keep important documents. Start collecting and sorting your records. Keep adding to it as you begin to pack.

•  Complete any home improvements/repairs you have agreed to do.

Four Weeks Before You Move

•  Contact your utility and service companies to arrange the date when your service can be disconnected, and if needed, the date it is to be reconnected in your new home. This can include telephone, Internet, heating, water and electricity. Make sure you ask that services be disconnected after your move date. There's nothing worse than the power being cut at 8:00 a.m. and the movers are arriving at 9:00 a.m.

•  Begin dismantling any outdoor furniture or children's play areas, including slides and swings. Check the garage and storage areas to determine what needs to be packed. These areas are often overlooked when packing the rest of the house.

• Cancel subscriptions to local newspapers, magazines, bottled water or any other home delivery service you currently receive.

•  Complete an IRS change of address form.

•  Keep packing! By now, you probably have a few boxes packed, maybe more, and they're starting to get in the way. If you have a spare bedroom or study or enclosed porch - any room that you don't use on a daily basis - designate that space as your "moving room". Boxes you've packed, items that need to be moved, can all be stored here. And if this isn't a space that's used much, pack its contents first so you'll have more space to work in.

Two Weeks Before You Move

•  Safely dispose of all hazardous household chemicals like paint, oil and solvents.

• Start eating items in your freezer and pantry. Try not to buy too many groceries right now or if you have to, only buy essentials and items that you'll eat in the next two weeks.

• Pack up your garage, shed, and basement. These areas sometimes take longer than expected so it's better not to leave them until the end.

• Continue packing. Try to label each box with what's inside, where it goes and any special instructions. Be as detailed as you can. This will make it easier when you're unpacking to know what needs to be unpacked first. You can even put a big bright sticker on the boxes that contain your essentials, for easy identification. Just make sure you put the sticker on at least two sides.

On Moving Day

•  Pack up the remaining items such as the bedding and towels.

•  When Direct Moving and Storage arrives, go through your home with them to ensure that any fragile's or large items are identified. This will help the movers ensure your things are properly loaded and protected.

•  Make sure you've placed all items not going with us in a separate place with all boxes well marked.

•  Before we pull away, do a final thorough check to ensure everything has been loaded.

•  Make sure Direct Moving and Storage has your new address and a contact telephone number in case they need to reach you.

•  Do any last minute cleaning.

•  Leave your new address and contact information for the new tenants or your landlord so that any stray pieces of mail can be forwarded.

•  Take one last look around, shut off all lights, say goodbye and lock your front door for the very last time.

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